Never Too Old To Exercise

That's our motto. It's not just about lifting either.

Exercise as a whole has such positive values for anybody, but sometimes the approach to fitness is strict and militaristic.

It's all well and good to have big slogans, and massive buffed Personal Trainers, but if they have never felt the "grind" of an arthritic joint or long term damaged tendons that inflame just thinking about exercise then it can be hard to motivate yourself.

Much of the clothing is like many of the gyms, designed for thin, muscle-bound active young fellas or women. When your middle doesn't ever get entirely flat, you can best describe your arms as 'toned-ish', or you are a bit buff, but your hair is greyer than Gandalf's, then you probably need OMG gear.

Our brand OMG - Old Men's Gym is meant to poke a bit of fun at the whole 'fashion' of exercise and gyms without removing the core value that all activity is good for you.

Some of our slogans tell that tale well, I Limp & I Lift, for example, recognise the fact you might not move like you did when you were 20, but you still want to work out and exercise.

Wear our gear to your gym, while running, taking a class, or sitting on the back deck having a cold one. You'll be telling the world that you'll work out whenever your knees have warmed up enough!

We hope you like the sentiment and keep on moving despite your injury, infirmity or age.

OMG Did you see that Old Guy Lift!