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Weight Loss and Weight Gain, Anxiety can cause both

It is common knowledge that anxiety has both psychological and physiological effects on people, but did you know that anxiety can cause some people to lose weight, while causing others to gain weight? Would you like to know how and why this happens? Most importantly, would you like to know how to manage these symptoms? Read on to find the […]

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Do Face Masks Effect Men During Workouts

During this coronavirus pandemic, mask wearing, especially in public spaces — such as a gym — is a recommended method for helping control the infection rates. Researchers in Israel have looked into the physiological impact of wearing a face mask while exercising on a person. They had each subject perform exercises first without a mask, then with a surgical mask, […]

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Do bananas act like BRATs in your stomach?

Legumes (beans) and cruciferous vegetables (cabbage and broccoli) are notorious for their contribution to gas build-up in the bowels. This article discusses whether bananas should perhaps be added to that infamous list. Bananas do contain elements that are known to cause gas production, but things are not that simple. Bananas may not be a one size fits all when it […]

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What’s that – exercise can actually save you money?

Not only does exercising help you look and feel your best, it provides an array of other health benefits as well. However, it does not end there. Would you believe that exercise can actually help you save more of your money? It is true, and it is important that you learn exactly how you can save money by simply exercising […]

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Mix vitamin D and exercise to make your heart healthier

There are many ways in which to improve your heart health, and it is beneficial that you use as many of the techniques as possible to keep yourself healthy and thriving. One of the best tips for improved heart health involves a specific vitamin combined with regular exercise. What is this vitamin and what can it do for your heart […]

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Why Your Grandparents Didn’t Have Food Allergies… But You Do

Statistical evidence suggests that far more people nowadays are prone to having food allergies than their grandparents, and their numbers are only rising. This article posits 7 differences between our generations, which, you may be surprised to learn, are the reason behind such a radical uptick in serious food allergies. Key Takeaways: Food used to be natural. Today we have […]

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Progression and the Hierarchy of Needs

Shane lays out a few principles through examples of the workout routines he designs for the athletes he trains with, and anecdotal evidence of a well-known and successful professional athlete. In broad strokes, these principles can be described as: successful programming follows well-balanced movement and progression, and training is both a combination of progress and trust, structured by a hierarchy […]

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HIT: Stop the Trashing and Begin the Thrashing

Even though it has received negative remarks, high-intensity training (HIT) is vital to achieving results in fitness regimes. Since its earliest advocates introduced the masses to HIT, it has changed and added variations, been implemented in varying ways by different people, all with the goal of pushing the body to the limit in the right parameters. The reason it does […]

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Exercising and Living Well with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD as it is more commonly called affects people who have suffered trauma in their lives. It is common for it to affect those who have dealt with trauma on a recurring basis. This includes combat veterans and first responders. The constant stress caused by PTSD can lead to other health conditions. Research has, however, discovered […]

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What Beiron Andersson Eats to Stay Ripped at 51

Fit at fifty is no longer a surprise to us, but diet still matters most when it comes to being ripped. Abs are said to be made in the kitchen and a sleek physique requires a good diet no matter the age group. Beiron Andersson, a 51 year old male supermodel, eats multiple small meals throughout the day, packed with […]