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These 5 Foods Will Help Support Your Immune System

Heather Mayer Irvine, a marathoner, former food and nutrition editor for Runner’s World, and author shared her wealth of knowledge on how to help maintain our immune system. Eating a varied diet that includes foods rich in immune-boosting nutrients—think vitamins A, D, E, C, selenium, zinc, and antioxidants—combined with proper sleep and exercise can help keep illness at bay. Heather […]

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9 Ways to Be Happier & Healthier

The folks at DIY Active posit that being healthy is a primary prerequisite for leading a happy life, and that it is a result of managing your diet, exercise and stress. Here they prescribe 9 practices to help you lead a healthier life, along with how these practices directly influence you. Key Takeaways: Eat healthy – i.e., eat a wide […]

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Make Takeout Taste Like Going Out

Since the onset of the pandemic, the number of people working from home has increased from 20% to 71%. Some have had to learn how to cook their own food, while others make do with frozen dinners or take-out, which can quickly get dull. If your food is tasting bland, there are some interesting ways to improve the experience. Key […]

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Men Over 40, Build Leg Strength With This One Exercise

Kirk Charles is a Certified Personal Trainer over fifty who likes to practise what he preaches, and he swears by the step-up exercise for older folks. He regularly suggests it in his training sessions with clients and routinely does reps of the step up in his personal work-out sessions. He provides a step-by-step explanation of the exercise, as well as […]

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Your Health Habits Get Worse the More Screen Time You Have

Since the start of the COVID pandemic, the amount of time people spend around their screens has increased, whether due to having to work from home, or not being allowed to visit public spaces. Some scientists in Arizona State University did a study on how that affects people, and found that it – understandably – has an adverse effect on […]

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Simple Ways to Get Happier

Bryan Daigle is a life coach based in Austin, Texas. He helps people who find themselves unhappy and wanting more from their life. He provides us with some free advice in our pursuit of happiness: Figure out whether a change you’re attempting to make is based on positive intentions or fear of something. Don’t forget that it’s never too late […]

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Why Might Your Penis Hurt After Sex?

If your member is feeling tender or sore after intercourse, fear not! There are quite a few causes for such a condition, and many of them are quite harmless. Here you can find out the main potential reasons your junk hurts, some simple home treatments, and directions for when to call the doctor. If your penis is sore immediately after […]

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Start Running at Any Level

Do you ever watch marathon runners and catch yourself wondering whether or not you could ever do that? Well, you can! Lianna Bass provides a small but comprehensive guide on running, which all but the most experienced runners will find useful. You will learn: Proper running form What to wear Where and how to start When and what to eat […]

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Fix Your Pandemic-Related Skin Issues

Since the pandemic started, there has been a major change in lifestyle for many people. They have to work from home, which could potentially lead to increased levels of inactivity and lack of sunshine. When they do go outside, they have to wear face masks. And, of course, there are other quarantine-related stress factors. All of these contribute to potential […]

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Workout Tiredness, There’s a Way to Work Around It

You know that feeling when you are exercising, and you come to a point where your muscles simply cannot complete another rep? One might assume that it’s just because the muscles are tired. However, Trevor Thieme, a strength coach and former fitness editor at Men’s Health, explains that things are not so simple, and how the Central Nervous System is […]

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What Popular Drink Can Be Bad For Your Heart Cells

A lot of people love energy drinks. It provides them with a sense of hyper focus – enhanced attention and reaction speeds – a perceivable increase in cognitive performance. However, some components in these energy drinks appear to have serious negative effects on one’s health. In a study done in Texas heart cells, that came in contact with some energy […]