Power Lifter Squatting Heavy Weight

Know Your Own One-Rep Max

If you are working on getting stronger, it is important to know your one-rep max. There are two ways to figure out this key number — the easy way, and the hard way. Each way requires a certain number of steps, and if done right, the easy way is the most likely way people will go. Easy Way Key Takeaways: […]

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Sugar and Protein Don’t Get Along

Most people already know that sugar in large quantities is not good for you. Did you know that sugar may in fact be the arch-enemy to protein? Do you care about what you look like or how healthy your keep your body… because, if you do you need to check this article out. It will educate you on how money […]

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I Work At a Desk All Day, How Do I Fix My Shoulders?

For so many of us, a large portion of our week is spent sitting at a desk for large periods of time. From this, a common problem that people tend to have is bad posture, specifically rounded shoulders and back. While one solution is to focus on better posture throughout the day, there are also various exercises that will help […]

Older Aged Marathon Runner doing a Hamstring Stretch

20 fitness tips for older men – Exercise Right

As we age, staying fit and healthy becomes a greater challenge than is often anticipated. Luckily, older men won’t find it any harder to stay fit when they learn the tips to success. There are many exercise and workout tips that you can put to use to stay in the best of health, but we think the 20 listed here […]

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5 Outdoor Activities to Fire Up Your Metabolism and Calm Your Mind

Two great things you can do for your body – exercising and alleviating stress. When the summer is upon us, there’s no better way to get your workout out and endure calmer, less stressful days and nights. There’s many ways to do both, but the five ideas listed here are among the top activities that you can do outside that […]

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The Ultimate Arnold Training Guide

Arnold Schwarzenagger was a legend of body building who won multiple Mr. Universe titles. His workouts were unique because he emphasized using high repetition workouts, which some trainers disagree with. His workouts were so intense because he also combined opposing muscle combinations when working out, like chest and upper arms, at the same time. Arnold was also unique that he […]

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11 Tips to Get Stronger While You Sleep

So you are finally ready to lead a healthy life style are you? This is it, you’re done… you finally ready. But when the time comes, the time your alarm goes off at 5:30 am. You throw your phone across the room, go back to sleep and forget about the gym. Yup, I’ve done it as well. The good news, […]

Man Stretching Legs on Athletic Track

The Relation Between Biomechanical Stiffness and Feeling Stiff

50% of Americans experience back pain – it’s one of the most popular reasons for missing work. Are you one of them? There are a number of things that cause back pain, but one of the most common (especially where no clear injury has been incurred) is due to back stiffness. However, biomechanical back stiffness may not be a reflection […]

Flat Lay of Various Junk Food Meals

Hungry people pay more attention to junk food than healthy food

It has long been shown that junk food can be addictive. When you are hungry you apparently pay more attention to it as well. This can lead to poor food choices but it doesn’t have to. Remaining vigilant about keeping your diet balanced and healthy. The occasional junk food treat won’t kill you but you don’t want to go overboard […]

Fancy Fish Dish Garnished with Tomato and Herbs

How to Become a Master Fish Chef

Fish has many excellent health benefits and is super versatile as a protein, but maybe new and scary for new chefs. However, cooking fish is not as hard as it seems.  There are 3 techniques that will start you on your way to becoming an amazing fish chef. The first technique is called The Bake. Baking is very simple and […]

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Belly Fat Increases Your Risk of Death

Excess amounts of belly fat can increase a person’s likelihood of death, even if this person otherwise seems healthy or in shape. Fat stored around the belly has a much larger impact on a person’s wellbeing than other aspects of health, especially impacting organ function. Thus, eating well and exercising in order to minimise belly fat will have numerous health […]