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The 10 Best Bodyweight Exercises to Train Your Back

We sit more now than our ancestors ever did, and as a result back problems are becoming more and more common. While there can be a number of causes for back pain, and consulting a medical professional is always recommended, strengthening and engaging your core is a quick way to provide more support and stabilisation for your back. Utilising exercises […]

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3 Best Joint-Friendly Supps for Lifters

Lifting heavier weights while working out leads to muscle growth, but also can lead to joint degeneration. Putting a lot of strain on these joints is detrimental, so while alternating between lighter and heavier lifting dates will help, so will taking supplements. Recommended supplements for joint health are fish oil (at least 4 grams a day), glucosamine (1,500-2,000 milligrams a […]

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It’s Less About the Exercise – Mental and Social Engagement of Exercise

Joining in a group exercise can have significant positive effects on mental and physical health, and is a great way of keeping you accountable with a support system. Just remember that people have different capability levels, so try to avoid comparing yourself to others and their outcome. Instead, keep it simple and choose something you enjoy (if you don’t like […]

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5 Ways to Deal with Anxiety and Stress

Many suffer from anxiety. It has different manifestations, some of which are stronger than others, and it can be mild or truly debilitating depending on the person. There are lots of suggestions on how to cope with anxiety, five of which are outlined here. Use these five tips to help calm down, manage each moment as it comes, and work […]

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8 Exercises You Can Do At Work

This article provides people with ways to counteract the negative effects of the sedentary, 9-5 office lifestyle, as a large portion of our time each day is spent sitting in front of a computer.  Breaking up long periods of sitting with short, quick exercises like taking a walk, climbing the stairs or doing some stretches can help combat the unhealthy […]

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My Back Just Goes – Understanding Back Pain

One of the most common health problems seen today is back pain and stiffness, with some people that experience it very severely. It is important to understand it if you are going to combat it. There are many layers that one needs to consider when it comes to understanding back pain, as there could be so many different causes for […]

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The Best Rep and Set Scheme for Absolute Beginner Lifters

Starting off any exercise routine can be daunting, but with good form and great advice, anyone can do well. The important thing to keep in mind for any beginner lifter is to start off slowly. You may want to go at it hard and lift, lift, LIFT!, but this method will only tire you out. Muscle & Fitness magazine recommends […]

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Plagued by swelling, aches, and pains? Here’s how endurance exercise can help.

Taking prescription medication for inflammation in muscles is becoming a thing of the past. There is no measurable improvement for people who take anti-inflammatory medication for pain. Further, no medications currently target diseased, dying cells. Recent research shows that endurance training helps relieve the pain of inflammation at the cellular level. Inflamed muscles are under attack from immune cells that […]

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Working Out in Winter

The onset of winter can make you less motivated when it comes to working out. When it is dark and cold outside, all you want is to hit the snooze button and curl up under your sheets. The struggle to get out of bed and exercise during the winter is something we all relate to. Key Takeaways: If you are […]

heart attack verse cardiac arrest

How to Tell The Difference Between Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest!

I’ve never noticed the difference between the two until I read this article, I’ve always made the assumption that they were the same! The differences between them are actually drastically different, the deprivation of oxygen to the heart and a ‘hiccup’, or irregular rhythm to be more precise, in heart palpitations, and that the heart attack is the pre-cursor to […]