The 10 Best Bodyweight Exercises to Train Your Back

Man Doing Hanging Leg Levers on Bar

We sit more now than our ancestors ever did, and as a result back problems are becoming more and more common. While there can be a number of causes for back pain, and consulting a medical professional is always recommended, strengthening and engaging your core is a quick way to provide more support and stabilisation for your back.

Utilising exercises such as yoga stretches and bodyweight mobility exercises will help to strengthen your core and release the overworked and tight muscles in your back.

Ten exercises to help improve your back and core strength are; the cat/cow, 90/90 stretch, the hand walk, the backward lunge with a twist, the Floor Y, pullups, pushups, the Sliding Leg Curl, the one-arm/one-leg plank and the half locust. These exercises can be used as a circuit of sets of two or a warm-up exercise.

Key Takeaways:

  • Our sedentary culture has resulted in an increase in back problems and pain
  • Preventative and building exercises can be combined to decrease pain and problems
  • It can be as simple as ten exercises to help alleviate back problems and pain

“To address back problems, it’s necessary to attack the entire core region, which is why we turn to moves that open the hips, lengthening and strengthening to put our bodies back in proper alignment.”

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