What’s that – exercise can actually save you money?

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Not only does exercising help you look and feel your best, it provides an array of other health benefits as well. However, it does not end there. Would you believe that exercise can actually help you save more of your money? It is true, and it is important that you learn exactly how you can save money by simply exercising on a regular basis.

Key Takeaways:

  • Millions of Australians suffer from CVD, COPD, Type 2 Diabetes, Depression, and Asthma.
  • Exercise has been proven to improve each of these conditions in a variety of important ways.
  • The results of this report indicate that the costs of employing the services of an AEP (Accredited Exercise Physiologist) will likely save patients money in the long run.

The report looked at how intervention of an Accredited Exercise Physiologist could dramatically reduce someone living with one of these chronic conditions health system expenses (hospitals, medication, appointments with other health professionals etc.), productivity losses (reduced employment, sick leave, carer costs etc.) and general wellbeing costs.

Read more: http://exerciseright.com.au/whats-that-exercise-can-actually-save-you-money/

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