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Is more than just about hitting the gym or going for a run.

Physical & Mental Health are essential at any stage of life. As you get "more experienced" in life, you might have let other priorities take over.

OMG is here to help you find some balance. We want to help all men to be healthier no matter what stage of life you are at, or what level of Health you have. We're also contributing money from every sale towards Men's Health charities.

And we've designed clothes that are cool to wear at any age and in whatever damn shape you are. If you want to do some exercise look great.

Because... you're never too old to exercise! Right?

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man with a potbelly walking on the road in slippers

Health Benefits of Walking

Walking is healthy and great. It will obviously not help you burn as much fat as lifting weights or running would. On the other hand, it’s low-intensity and has a much lower level of impact on your joints. While it doesn’t make headlines because it’s not sexy, walking gets the job done much better than people think, as long as […]